PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

PEMF – Pulsed Electro-

Magnetic Field Therapy

PEMF is a therapeutic, non-invasive therapy effective for pain management, age-issues management and recovery management. Such as pain from back and neck, headaches, bursitis, muscle tension, age issue- related to degenerative conditions like common arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis… recovery from bone fractures sports/athletic and other injuries.

High frequency Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field stimulation is an emerging technology that induces small current of magnetic energy into our physical tissues by mechanically stimulating increased blood and lymphatic circulation. This has a vital anti-inflammatory effect. These energy waves enhance the body’s natural magnetic field to support healing on a basic cellular level.

This is POWERFUL for PAIN RELIEF and nerve tissue HEALING.

What is the PEMF protocol?

A typical introductory protocol involves 20 sessions of 20 minutes each. Because this therapy is extremely safe you can lie down and relax for these treatments. AFter completion of 20 sessions a continued support maintenance program is designed for your specific needs.

How long does PEMF take to work?

Some immediately notice changes from one treatment session. The ultimate effects of PEMF therapy are cumulative; each treatment builds on each previous session. Healing mechanisms are being triggered and the body naturally utilizes time and repetition to manifest noticeable, lasting results.

How do you feel during and after a PEMF therapy session?

The PEMF sessions are simply enjoyable. Many patients report a sense of relaxation during treatment and an elevated energy throughout the day after treatment.

Can you overuse PEMF?

There is no risk of overdosing. So… relax, enjoy your PEMF therapy sessions.

Conditions that may benefit from PEMF therapy:

Back/neck Pain


Joint pain

Arthritis (OA and RA)


Sleep issues


Nerve related problems


Sore muscles

Bone fractures




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